“Thinking Fast and Slow” Daniel Kahneman

Chapter 1: The Characters of the Story

Chapter 2: Attention and Effort

Chapter 3: The Lazy Controler

Chapter 4: The Assosiative Machine

Chapters 5 & 6: Cognitive Ease & Norms, Suprises, and Causes


Because of cognitive ease, the familiarity of one phrase in a statement suffices to make the whole statement feel familiar. And familiarity is not easily distinguished from truth. Authorities and marketers have always known this fact.

Hot to write a persuasive message:
• Do anything you can to reduce cognitive stain
• If the message is printed use high quality paper to maximize the contrast between characters and their background.
• If you use bright blue or red in your text it is more likely to be believed than if using other colors such as green, yellow, etc.
• Using complicated words is taken as a sign of poor intelligence and low credibility. Keep it easy and simple!
• Try to make it memorable.
• Verse is more likely to be taken as truth
• When quoting a source choose one with a name easy to pronounce.
• System 2 is lazy and mental effort is aversive.
• We live must of our life guided by the impressions of system 1.

Dialogue Notes: 
When one writes about a time when one felt powerful, one rekindles an activation in the brain and can feel powerful again. We also discussed the drugs people take in order to stay focused for long periods of time or when they don’t want to sleep. There is a book called Listening Prozac that talks about this topics. We also talked about the experiment of Skinner called superstitious pigeons.
• Sadness probably evolved for us to think, because that’s when we more often use system 2 (theory).
• We feel sad when things are not going our way so we need to re-plan or re-think.
• Mental health consist on being slightly irrational.


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