Week 11: L.F.M.A.

And the MPCer of the week goes to (drums)… Luis Fernando Melgar Arias, aka. Chacho “El Iluminado” & “The rock”!! For his hard work, strength, responsibility, respect towards others, punctuality, audaciousness, care for the MPC program and culture, perseverance, magician skills, diligence, keen observation, listening skills, and wisdom.

He has proven to deserve the “MPCer of the Week” award since the start of the program. Chacho’s story is amazing because he was my classmate in EPRI (my former faculty), and in EPRI he seemed not to care about all the classes we had and he was never responsible. He made a drastic change since day one at the MPC and when I asked him for the reason of his so positive and amazing change, he told me that he really valued and appreciated the MPC and what we do in here. Chacho told me that he is completely into the program and because he likes it so much, he puts so much effort into it. The MPC is surely worth it!

When everyone is feeling tired or in need of some inspiration, we all look at Chacho and will find him working in his space. Chacho will be probably typing things for his documentation, or reading in the Student Center, whatever is related to the MPC work. When someone is missing a day in their documentation, they (including me) look at Chacho’s neat and organized blog and immediately can catch up with what they are missing. After the day has ended, Chacho goes to his Crossfit practice and I can tell that there too, he gives his best. I can honestly say that Luis really tries his hardest to be the best version of L.F.M.A.

Thank you Chacho for setting such a great example of excellence and for modeling perfectly the values of the Michael Polanyi College!




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