Week 3: Javi Parellada

And the MPCer of the week goes to (drums)… Javier Parellada! His heart is bigger than the New World Trade Center, his passion for what he loves is greater than a reflex angle. The jester, artist and the sage, Javi demonstrates every day that Arthur Koestler was right when he wrote “The Act of Creation”. Javier lights up everyone’s day, literally anywhere and anytime. When you less expect it, he will make you laugh. There is also the possibility that he scares you whenever you are entering a dark room with a big “booo”.

Leave the jokes and cleverness alone! Javier is ALWAYS willing to help and he is ALWAYS aware of the smallest details of every event, project, card, gift, etc. One does not ever know what to expect from such a creative mind. He is also very sensitive and he has a big social conscience. Javier is an innovator, he always gives more than what one expects. He is a perfectionist and a very responsible and pro-active person. He is a white knight, su palabra vale mucho.

This week Javi has been managing to do everything to really high standards. From being prepared to the dialogues to planning and organizing his AWESOME Film class for the First Years. From really taking care of his health to being in a good mood even if he has been around the MPC for some extra hours. Javier’s perseverance and passion is an example to the rest of us.

Javi is sooooo talented and creative and I have learned so many things just from being around him. Besides, nobody can beat Javier at planning something fun, or just at making someone smile. I only expect big things to happen when Javi is around!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch und weiter so!

jpc“Entreabierta” by Javier Parellada ft. Amable Sánchez Torres



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